What can your company do to help others?

What can your company do to help others?

Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. Is it possible to start a business with this philosophy in mind?

It is and it’s been proven to be a very effective business model in today’s world, where customers want to feel an emotional response, like they’re doing their part in making a change in the world. Planet Dog, a very reputable long time company in the Business of Dogs has created an environment ,where the customer can feel just that, through the products they create, the working environment and their Planet Dog Foundation.

Alex Fisher, Co Founder, entrepreneur and Chief Creative Officer had an idea to create a product that was durable, non toxic and earth friendly. From here the concept for products like Eco Buddy and the Orbee ball were born. From the inception of planet Dog it was always their mission to give back; at first they gave wherever they saw a need. In 2006 Kristen Smith , Brand Ambassador and administrator of the Planet Dog Foundation , came on board. With Kristen’s past experience in non profit she was able to help build a plan for giving that truly resonated with Planet Dogs beliefs. Kristen suggests your giving be synonymous with a cause and hone in on a mission. Who you choose to support should share your values and your ideas. They are in truth a reflection of your organization.

The mission for Planet Dog Foundation encompasses all the values of Planet Dog:

– we protect
– we support
– we engage
– we give 2%

The mission of PDF is

“promote and celebrate programs in which dogs serve and support their best friends.”

PDF receives 2% from every sale of Planet Dog products. To thank our four legged friends for all they do for us and to ensure that their assistance and support does not go unnoticed PDF gives back to service dog organizations, through Foundation grants of $7500. To see if your origination is eligible check out their application process.

Planet Dog is very open about their giving through the foundation. People can see where they are making a difference and this builds a trusting relationship with the company. Kristen believes that this also helps retain employees. Kristen shared that it’s not uncommon for staff to become emotional when she shares at a team meeting how the foundation monies are being allocated. To hear how kids or individuals with disabilities are benefiting from what they are having a hand in doing through their work at Planet Dog. It’s rewarding to go to work everyday in such an emotionally rewarding environment and makes it an environment where staff turn over is very low.
Planet Dog extends their value of giving to their staff and their community. Through a day of giving employees volunteer their time in the community. Planet Dog also offers paid time off to staff to volunteer with a charity of their choosing and they will pay the taxes on a hybrid car. Reinforcing their commitment to the environment.

During my visit at Planet Dog Campus

I could feel how they truly live their mission and their values. From the number of dogs roaming freely in the offices to the awards and recognition for environmentally friendly products and community service. This is truly a company that barks it’s bark.

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