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Sometimes your aha moment comes from your customers. If you listen you will hear them; they start to repeat over and over. It may be in different words and from different people but it all comes down to the same thing. Something the client you are currently serving is asking for.

That’s what happened for Teddy the Dog. TTD originated from a line of T-shirts that ChillyBears, a silkscreening and promotional products company, was creating for the the Resort industry. Their early work had paw prints but no dog, their clients kept asking for more creativity in their designs.

Jon a graphic designer for Teddy the Dog products, came to Chilly Bear out of college, is truly living his passion. He has artistic freedom to create designs he thinks support the TTD brand. He helped develop a line that would be respected in the Dog retail industry, and fill a need for fashionable dog lovers. Jon believes that TTD sells fun. This is evident when you read the variety of sayings created for TTD products.

Ted the owner of ChillyBears and the Teddy The Dog line believes that TTD was a natural flow for their company. Teddy is fun, lighthearted humour. If he was a boy he would be the one your mother warned you about. Ted feels that what started as a fun project that clients were asking for has turned into a passion to entertain people with Teddy’s light hearted humour.

Like many other companies TTD has helped out with local charities. TTD joined forces with Team 21, Jump Up for Down Syndrome. TTD brand was a perfect match to partner a creative design that could be sold to help raise money for this amazing cause.

As business owners we need to continue to listen to our clients. That’s not saying that every idea a client beings to the table is going to turn into your next big thing. Just start paying attention when more than one person is saying it.. If you’re not listening to your clients someone else will. Just like Teddy The Dog, it could turn into your next big thing.

What are your clients saying?

I hope you found this information helpful and share it with someone you think should read it.

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