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Coach,mentor, guru all terms we’ve heard as business owners. Do you have one? Most professional coaching services are out of the financial reach for owners of small dog businesses.  Here are things you can do to access coaching on a level that is more accessible.

You don’t have to personally know your mentor. Mentoring can come from books, cd’s and articles. Finding a mentor isn’t hard and they don’t have to be in your area of expertise. Sometimes it’s helpful to look outside of your industry for guidance to help you create what W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne refer to in Blue Ocean Strategy,  as value Innovation. Create value for your customers that your competitors didn’t even know they needed to compete in. A Mentor will be someone that you respect and shares the same values as you would like to see in yourself and your Business.

Who says you can’t have more than one? Having a board of directors isn’t just for big business. You can have a whole board of people that you may or may not ever come in contact with. Darren Hardy suggests in The Compound Effect that you create a group of 5-10 people to use on your board of directors and refer to their techniques to guide you in your direction. Going back to the fact that you may not ever personally know your mentor.

For those of you that need more hands on guidance an accountability partner might be just the ticket. Someone you speak to on a weekly basis and give updates to on how you are doing. You can each bounce ideas off of one another. This can be done over the phone and take as little as a half an hour. It’ll help make sure you’re working on your goals because you have to report to someone. As the “boss” we don’t have that deadline imposed by someone else so it’s easy to let things slide and not get things accomplished.

Speak to someone that’s done what you’re doing. People love to talk about their accomplishments. They’re proud of their industry and want to share it with others. Cheryl Orletsky of Holiday Pet Care and Dog Guru believes that sharing what she has learned over the years only helps to better the Pet Industry. She loves to share with people getting into the Pet Care world. By training new Pet Care Professionals she ensures that the new generation of Pet Care workers will be well educated and prepared to work in an industry she is very passionate about. Cheryl says “there is no need to hide what you know, there is more than enough to go around.

Just because we run small business’s doesn’t mean we can’t think big. That we can’t have professional coaches and mentors to help guide us when we need help with direction. We just have to do we what we do best as small business owners and that is think outside the box. Use that creativity muscle that got you started on this journey in the first place.

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