7 Business books for Small Business



The internet has made it much easier for us to gain access to tips and information on business.  Even though I am  writing  this article on my IPad, I  still love to hold a real book in my hand. I love flipping through the pages looking for tips that will help make it easier for me to run my business and even my life. This is a list of some of those books that I enjoy flipping through and have found to be great resources for planning and running a small Business.




Delivering Happiness.  Is the go to guide-book to  creating a company that’s success is based on a strong foundation of core values. Tony Hsieh shares his insight on how they built Zappos from an online  shoe company to a role model for business to use to develop  core values and customer service.




The Art of Non Conformity. I have quoted this book by Chris Guillebeault in many of my post   It is for all of the people out there that feel they need to walk their own path but  need a little encouragement to get there. A manifesto for everyone  that doesn’t  fit into the regular tribes.  It shows you that it’s ok to start your own pack and live your life in a way that makes you feel right. A great read for anyone thinking of getting out of the 9-5 and carving out  their  own route.




Looptail  written by  Bruce Poon Tip. Transplanted from Trinidad to Canada Poon  fights against not fitting in and uses it to create a unique and profitable business. Like many entrepreneurs he has cycles of boredom and rather than completely changing his career path he finds ways within his organization to create new  challenges. For anyone that may be feeling like they need a change or a way for their company to give back.  Looptail will give you some insight on how it can me done.





Peak: How Great Companies get their Mojo from Maslow.  Is written by Chip Connelly of Joi de Vive hotels.  Conelly gives us his understanding  of Maslow’s Heirachy of Needs and  how they can be used to  build a profitable company.  He breaks it down further into pyramids you can use  to develop relationships with  Employees, Customers and Investors. A must have for you business  library.




It’s Your Business:183 Essential Tips that will transform your small business  by JJ Ramberg Lisa Everson and Frank Silverstein.  This book is filled with many helpful tips that you can put to use  immediately in your business. It’s a helpful resource for small business owners that can’t afford coaches and marketing consultants to help get their new venture off the ground or keep it from running aground.



Selling the Invisible by Harry Beckwith was written in 1997 before the computer era had grown into what it is today. Much of what is in this small informative and thought provoking  book is still quite relevant to anyone in the service industry.  An excellent resource for small business owners.




Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. To stand out from the noise you need to be different,  to have a story. The creator of Toms shoes gives us his insight on starting a company  that gives back and has a unique story to tell. An excellent resource for any entrepreneur starting out that wants to be philanthropic from the start.



I hope that these books will help you in your business. I would love to hear your feedback on any of them as well as any book that you found helpful in your quest to stating and running a business. If you know of someone that would benefit from this list please pay it forward and share it with them.

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